About Us

Our Mission

The mission for the WYC Positivity Nook is ultimately to spread as much positivity to the world as possible. The news in the world is rather crazy and we believe that just a few minutes of reading positive news, can distract people from all the other negative news in the world.

Ava Warner

Ava Warner is a sophomore at Irvington High School. She has created two websites prior to this one, and has always been an optimistic person. Ava continues to want to learn and grow as a student, citizen, and individual and Westchester Youth Congress has given her an outlet for that.

To reach out to Ava: ava.warner@irvingtonschools.org

Jake Epple

Jake Epple is a sophomore at Irvington High school. Although a new member of the WYC, he is excited to learn important leadership skills to be a leader in his community. He is also hopeful that the WYC will teach him other important life skills that will benefit him now and in the future.

To reach out to Jake:


Westchester Youth Congress

The Westchester Youth Congress (WYC) is a student-led organization for all students in Westchester County who want to make a difference in their community. The WYC meets once a week, on Wednesdays, to discuss projects to help out the community.

For more information visit westchesteryouthcongress.org, or contact copresidents@westchesteryouthcongress.org.

If you would like to apply now, the link is here.