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This section includes new updated stories of good news from this week:

A Purple heart to Heart

The Purple Heart is one of the highest honors you can receive as a soldier in the United States military. But it comes at a cost. An injury or death. In 1944, Webster E. Hertzog lost his life while serving in Belgium. Hertzog’s son did not know his father much before he died, due to his parents getting divorced, and his grandson, Jeff Hertzog, did not know him at all. One day Jeff received a call from someone who he had never met, from a 84 year old Edith Gettis and her daughter, Dawn Cambria, who were in possession of Hertzog’s Purple Heart and wanted it to be returned to Hertzog’s own flesh and blood. Upon connecting with Jeff, Edith and Dawn learned that they happened to be long-lost second cousins. This medal that represented a soldier fighting for the country that his family resided in, allowed pieces of that family to come back together over 70 years later.

Source: Good News Network

Ants can smell cancer?!

Ants can apparently detect cancers. Who would have guessed that ants can be useful and not just collect in our kitchens? A research study based at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord in France, found that a specific breed of ants known as, Formica fusca, can use their smell disease-detection abilities to sniff out these cancer cells. Their study centered around VOC which are the volatile organic compounds that make up cancer cells. Ants have used VOCs as a way of survival, but coincidentally cancer cells share this compound. Through a little training and determination on the ant's behalf, the ant was able to smell out two different types of VOCs in two breast cancer cells.

Source: Optimist Daily

Airbnb in Ukraine

Unfortunately we all know there has been an ongoing war with Russia and Ukraine. However thanks to the Internet there is a multitude of ways to help victims in Ukraine.

In the beginning of March there was a social media campaign involving those around the world. People were booking Airbnb's in Ukraine as a way to directly give money to those impacted. Within two days $1.9 million had been collected to local Ukrainians.

Since then more than more than 434,000 rooms have been booked and a total of $15 million have been raised.

Here's a link to Airbnb's page for Ukraine rentals: Airbnb Vacation rentals in Ukraine

Source: Good News Network


This section includes past stories of good news around the world.

A Journey to Walking Again

The world has made many advancements in technology and medicine. Now, the first ever spinal cord implant surgery has successfully been performed. Michel Roccati was paralyzed in his legs in 2016 from a motorcycle accident. His spine was severed, resulting in no feeling in his legs. In his pre-paralyzed life in Italy, Michel was extremely active and in great shape. He never thought he would be able to walk or do the physical activity he once loved, to the same extent ever again. Then came Professor Jocelyne Bloch at Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland. The lab Prof. Bloch worked to create the spinal implant that gave Michel the gift of walking once again. In his case, his spine was completely severed so his ability to walk is all dependent on the implant being on and working to send signals to his nerves to allow him to walk. Roccati is one of nine people to receive this implant so far, and as of now, the future is looking bright for paralysis patients who dream to walk once more.

Source: bbc.com

Image: clipartmax.com

Preeti Chandi: The Solo Voyage

No women of color has journeyed across 700 miles Antarctica solely. With the cold temperatures and iced ground the journey isn’t easy for anyone. 32-year-old Preeti Chandi, an army officer as well as a physiotherapist travels from Derby, United Kingdom to the South Pole. Many people in her community had made criticism, saying “she didn’t look like a polar explorer”. Despite these criticisms she completed the journey and Chandi says, “‘ [it’s] OK to dream’”.

Image from CNN

Source: optimistdaily.com

Not the Average High School Diploma

A high school diploma is an extremely exciting milestone in a high school student’s life. But it would be disappointing if it said you completed the bare minimum. This was the case for 80 year old Billy Macon who graduated highschool in 1961 with a diploma that marked “this student met minimum state requirements” in red. He was very ashamed by this and for more than 60 years, the diploma sat in storage, to be hidden from the world. Macon had to provide for his family when he was just 18 years old and had to walk an hour each way to the military base he was working at and found little to no time to focus on school. Decades later, Macon’s granddaughter wanted to do something special for her hardworking and successful grandpa, because that red stamp on his diploma did not define him. She posted the story on Facebook and the principal from the same high school that Macon graduated from saw it and took action. The school set up a new graduation with a choir and a new diploma just for Macon, without the stamp. This moved Billy and the entire Macon family and there is no better gift he could have asked for on his

source: goodnewsnetwork.org

Image: clipartmax.com

Mysterious Moving Garbage Cans?

Appleton, Wisconsin, just north of Lake Winnebago, garbage cans that were once sitting at the end of driveways, were mysteriously returning to the front of citizen’s garages after the garbage truck picked up the trash. No Appleton citizens knew who was doing this but one community member, named Melody Luttenegger, was very appreciative. Luttenegger waited outside for hours just before Christmas Eve, with a gift to give for the mysterious person bringing in her trash bin. When she finally encountered the man, who happened to be a 75 year old senior who resided in Appleton. The senior said that he was bored of retirement and wanted to do something for his neighbors. The 75 year-old senior said, “Just be nice to all people, It’s just what you gotta do. Just think if you were at home and you needed someone for help.”

Source: goodnewsnetwork.org